Deep Web Tor Links



Tor is still running

 Apparently, the Tor network remains unhacked. At least, according to the NSA’s internal report of 2012, although this organization had the opportunity in certain cases to disclose the ownership of certain nodes, in general they are not able to open any node on request. And these disclosures took place on occasions such as an error in the Firefox browser, which was part of the tor bundle and other similar ones. If Tor is used correctly, the probability of disclosure is extremely small.


Deepweb is used not only by criminals

 Contrary to popular opinion, deep web is used not only by criminals, pedophiles and other bad terrorists. To put it mildly, this is far from the case. Activists of all sorts, journalists, just people who love privacy compose a portrait of Tor users. Personally, I am very impressed with the position of Tor developers answering the question “what, do you have something to hide?” With the phrase: “No, this is not a secret - it's just not your business.” And criminals have a large arsenal of tools, from changing their identity to stolen devices or network access, from botnets to Trojan viruses. Using and promoting Tor you help criminals no more than using the Internet.


Darknet has no hidden loopholes or backdoors

 Rumor has it that Darknet was created by the military, and they specifically made themselves hidden loopholes in it. Although Tor was originally funded by the U.S. Navy, its code has since been publicly available, and many cryptography experts have studied its source. Everyone can study them. And now enthusiasts, advocates of privacy and anonymity on the Internet are working on the project. There is also information that US intelligence agencies hold about 60% of all nodes - but this is most likely distorted information that about 60% of funding is provided by the USA in the form of grants.


There were no cases of conviction for supporting relay nodes

 True, in Europe, in this brighter of human rights and lawful paradise, or rather, in Austria, just the other day, the person who kept the output node was accused of aiding, because Illegal content traffic passed through this node. So the danger of maintaining the output node is obvious. Well, relay-nodes should be out of danger, because according to the network operation scheme they don’t know where the request came from, nor where it is sent, nor what traffic they transmit. And to prove the passage of traffic through the relay is almost impossible.


Deep Web is easy to use

 Many people think that Tor is something complicated for hackers and computer geniuses. In fact, the developers have already simplified its use as much as possible - just download the Tor Browser, and when it starts, you will automatically use the Tor network. No settings, commands on the command line, and more.


Tor is not as slow as you think

 A couple of years ago, the deep network was slow. Now you can have access to sites at a very reasonable speed. Yes, you can’t download torrents through Tor –it’s both slowly and harmful to the network. But you can do anything else without getting irritated.


Dark-Net is not a panacea

 Using Tor, you still need to follow a few rules and understand a little how it works, what it can and can’t do, so as not to negate all its efforts. If you use Tor Browser and log in to Facebook, it makes little sense. Understand how it works and use it wisely.